New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced the Yankees and Mets would both train in the city if the MLB comes to an agreement to start the coronavirus-delayed season. 

The 2020 MLB campaign was scheduled to get underway in March, but it has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If the season starts, the two franchises will train in New York, with the Mets and Yankees confirming Cuomo’s announcement.

“As New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced this afternoon, the New York Yankees will hold a potential spring training resumption at Yankee Stadium,” the statement said.

“We will continue to follow Major League Baseball’s guidelines and protocols, and we will vigilantly work with Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and their health authorities, as well as with federal official and Major League Baseball’s own medical and infectious disease experts, to ensure our facility maintains the best possible safety standards.”

While both teams have larger facilities at their respective complexes in Florida, positive cases for COVID-19 have increased greatly in the state in recent days, while the percentage of positive tests in New York City has dropped sharply.

“To have spring training in New York, that is a really great development,” Cuomo said. “It’s where I think they should always be, obviously.

“But in a bleak time, and in a season that obviously has had significant hurdles to deal with, to have a spring training quick camp in New York, that is the first bit of really good news when it comes to baseball that we’ve had in a long time.”

All 30 MLB teams have closed their spring training camps in Florida and Arizona this weekend amid virus concerns.

Teams and players are still engaged in a bitter dispute over length of the 2020 season and revenue sharing.

Both sides have said there would need to be three weeks of training before the shortened season could start.


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