Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid doctors have ruled out an injury for defender, Sergio Ramos, only suffered a blow.

Sergio Ramos left the game with knee pain after Real’s win against Real Sociedad. But, according to AS, he will just need to rest before the Mallorca to avoid greater problems.

The Real Madrid captain left the pitch with a possible injury with Anoeta after scoring in the team’s 1-2 win over Real Sociedad.

After the match, Zinedine Zidane reassured the crowd. He was optimistic despite the intense pain Ramos showed on the bench.

The doctors, says ‘AS’, would have ruled out an injury to the centre-back. Good news for Zidane.

The gestures of pain were simply due to the blow to the left knee. He did not even ave need to undergo radiological tests.

The discomfort persists. The blow was strong and, in order to avoid greater problems, says ‘AS’, it’s more logical that Zidane decides to give him a rest for the match against Mallorca, Madrid’s next rivals.


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