Social media went ablaze after a tweet from La Liga which Ivan Rakitic reacted to went viral.

The question was about which Rakitic fans preferred, and the Croat preferred to give a like to his Sevilla version instead of the Barcelona one, and of course, many Barca fans were all over it.

Before the Sevilla v Barcelona match, Rakitic provoked a hurricane on social media. It all started with a comment from La Liga, always very active on Twitter, about the Croat and his spell at Sevilla and Barcelona.

La Liga wanted users to choose between the Rakitic of Sevilla and the Rakitic of Barcelona and even the player himself dared to choose. It seems that he didn’t hesitate and the midfielder opted for his Andalusian version, where he was for 3 and a half seasons.

Therefore, many Barca fans were all over it, especially because in the last few weeks and during the break his chances of returning to Sevilla have been spoken about a lot.

Rakitic has never hidden his future desire to return to Sevilla, where his wife is from and the team in which he holds many memories and successes. With a year until his contract ends, Rakitic could pack his bags this summer.

However, Rakitic spoke with ‘Tportal’ and declared to be “convinced” that he will be at Barcelona for a little more time. Still, the player blew up Twitter.


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