American billionaire, Henry Mauriss has tabled a whooping sum of $350 million to take-over Newcastle United before next season.

Mauriss, according to reports is ready to move quickly but any deal would be dependent on the collapse of the Saudi-led takeover currently subject to the Premier League’s owners and directors test. Mike Ashley agreed a £300m price with the Saudi consortium in April and it is not known why Mauriss has offered £50m more.

Newcastle United supporters are sure to be skeptical of the claims and they remain hopeful that the Premier League will approve the Saudi deal. Little is known about Mauriss’ worth but he is the current CEO of Clear TV, who provides broadcasting services for airports and hospitals. He set up the company in 2014 having previously started his own credit card business – Credit America Corporation – which he founded in 1998.

Sources insist the offer is genuine and that Mauriss is a viable buyer of a Premier League football club.


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