There will be one anonymous bettor sweating a massive bet on lightweight boxer Gabriel Flores Jr. on Thursday night.

And it’s not even for a big payout.

According to Elisa Richardson, head of communications and public relations at BetMGM, there was a huge bet placed at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Thursday’s fight between Flores and Josec Ruiz, which isn’t even the main event. It came on Flores, an overwhelming -4500 favorite.

Here her tweet…

The bet is for nearly $200,000, to win a little more than $4,000.

Not long after that bet was made, BetMGM listed Flores at -5000. The fight will take place at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

That’s a lot of money to risk for a minimal payback. It’s also an odd amount (imagine the bettor fishing a quarter and dime out of his pocket to get the total bet to $187.847.35). And it’s not a huge fight. Jose Pedraza vs Mikkel LesPierre is the main event on Thursday night’s card.

Flores doesn’t have many knockouts

Ruiz has a chance to ruin someone’s week. He is 21-2 with 14 knockouts, but obviously not considered in Flores’ class. Flores is 17-0, but with only six knockouts. His propensity to go the distance leaves it up to the judges more often than not, and that might not be too comfortable for someone with almost $200,000 riding on the outcome.

Richardson confirmed a report by Covers that the same bettor who took Flores put $136,000 on a three-leg parlay of big boxing favorites last week and won $8,141.

Ruiz is +1200, if you like underdogs. Obviously someone out there doesn’t give him much of a chance at all. The undercard became the main event for that mystery bettor.


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