The English Premier League has relesed a new set of safety rules to all its 20 clubs as they set for a restart in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic this Wednesday.

The Premier League will return on June 17, with Manchester City hosting Arsenal and Aston Villa facing Sheffield United.

The Premier League, in a statement via its official website on Monday, announced some of the rules clubs would adhere to in order to play their matches behind closed doors.

The statement read in part: “Premier League clubs have worked with local authorities and others to minimise the risk to public health and reliance on local health and other emergency services.

“Clubs must ensure that stadium access is only for specific people. In total, about 300 will be allowed at stadiums for each match until the end of the season.

“Stadiums will be divided into three zones: red, amber and green. Each zone has unique protocols and procedures and is only accessible to particular people.

“Only people who have had tests in the 5 days before a match can enter. The zone includes the technical area, pitch, tunnel and dressing rooms.

“These people must have a “clinical passport”, a bar code either as a print-out or on their phone. This is scanned to check their most recent test result is negative before they can enter the stadium.

“The maximum number of people allowed in this zone is 110.

“Before leaving for a match, teams must complete relevant checks for COVID-19 and report any symptoms.

“Teams can travel to the stadium through car, coach, plane or train, but must do so in sterile environments.

“Those players or staff driving their own vehicles should do so alone.

“They shouldn’t gather in or around the tunnel area at any time and there should be no handshakes inside the tunnel.”



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