Hudson-Odoi Celebrates Jadon Sancho To Chelsea

Chelsea star Callum Hudson-Odoi welcomed winger Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund to Stamford Bridge.

Hudson-Odoi, who is Sancho’s close friend, wants the 20-year-old to make a transfer move to join the Blues.

“Sancho and I are mad close together, we talk every other day, always seeing how each other are and how we’re doing,” Hudson-Odoi told British actor, Michael Dapaah during a live interview on Instagram.

“We make sure that we are both doing well. Obviously, he is doing amazing and having a great season.

“We are always making sure each other is good. Obviously, he is a great player, and I love playing with him.

“For England as well, we have played all the way through the ages, so the link-up has always been there.

“I played against him sometimes in the Youth Cup games, or we would play each other for England, the link-up has always been there, and we have always loved playing with each other.

“The way we play with each other is amazing, we just know where each other is on the pitch every time, and we just love to play with each other.

“I do not know [if he will come]. Of course, I would love it if he came to Chelsea.

“We have had a great partnership throughout. If he joins Chelsea, the link-up would still be there.”


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